Walkabout West is Eve Wills and Kurt Westenbarger.  We are passionate about the outdoors and nature and we share our passion through guiding tours and taking photographs. 

Our tours are about doing and being. We enjoy nature by being in it. We gain respect for nature by trying to understand how natural systems work and our place in those systems. Educational Recreation might be the best phrase to sum up our trips.

Our photography is what it appears to be. Plain, simple, lacking extravagant special effects (mostly) and sometimes beautiful. We use the lens to express what we see and feel about nature for those willing to look. 

'Life Is A Journey' is more than a tagline for us - it's our core philosophy. Life isn't getting to the mountain top and checking it off your list. Life is what happens between the trailhead and the mountain top. Walk the trail too fast and you'll wonder where life went, too slow and you'll wonder where life is. We strive for just right.